HC ØrstedkompleksetWorkshop:

Arithmetic Geometry 
and Topological Cyclic Homology

University of Copenhagen 
18-20 April 2016

Recent work has demonstrated the unifying role of periodic cyclic homology relative to the initial ring S of higher algebra in relation to the cohomological interpretation of zeta functions of schemes smooth and proper over both archimedean fields and non-archimedean fields. The workshop aims to uncover feasible further steps towards extending this framework to a global situation. In this connection, the discrete theory of S-modules and the corresponding derived theory of symmetric monoidal infinity categories are expected to play a role.


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Auditorium 4, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen. 
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There is no formal registration, but in order to help with the planning, please inform NBP Administrator Ms. Mette Fulling if you plan to attend the workshop. 

Practical Information:

Hotels - conveniently located for access to both city and university.


Alain Connes, Caterina Consani, and Lars Hesselholt.


The workshop is sponsored by the Danish National Research Foundation through the Niels Bohr Professorship of Lars Hesselholt.