Workshop: Flow equivalence of graphs, shifts, and C*-algebras

The University of Copenhagen

November 18-22, 2013

Organizers: Søren Eilers, Efren Ruiz.

Funding: Centre for Symmetry and Deformation and the VILLUM Network: Experimental Mathematics.


  • Marie-Pierre Béal, Paris Est
  • Mike Boyle, Maryland
  • Toke Carlsen, NTNU Trondheim
  • Alfredo Costa, Coimbra
  • Rune Johansen, Copenhagen
  • Wolfgang Krieger, Heidelberg
  • Kengo Matsumoto, Joetsu
  • David Pask, Wollongong
  • Dominique Perrin, Paris Est
  • Gunnar Restorff, Torshavn
  • Efren Ruiz, Hawaii Hilo
  • Benjamin Steinberg, CCNY
  • Mark Tomforde, Houston

* to be confirmed.


The lectures will be held at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Copenhagen. You can find information for short term visitors including directions to the mathematics department HERE. 

Five offices have been reserved for the workshop participants: 1.09, 1.15, 1.17, 1.19, 3.05. Please ask one of the organizers for a key and guest card for 24-hour access.