A & Q Seminar: Norbert Schuch

Title: Tensor Networks and the entanglement structure of quantum many-body systems.
Speaker: Norbert Schuch
Abstract: Quantum Many-Body Systems exhibit a range of exciting physical phenomena. It arises from the interplay of the tensor product structure of the exponentially big many-body Hilbert space with the notion of locality inherent to their interactions. I will discuss how this interplay allows us to understand what makes quantum many-body systems special in terms of their entanglement structure, and how this allows to construct succinct descriptions of such states in terms of so-called Tensor Network States, which capture both the notion of tensor products and of locality. I will then discuss how the combination of these two notions in a local tensor, and the symmetries it exhibits, allows us to capture topological order and other unconventional phases from local properties, and thus provides a path to define order parameters for exotic quantum phases.