22 January 2020

Carlsberg Internationalisation Fellowship to MATH PhD


PhD Kevin Aguyar Brix is on his way to the University of Wollongong in Australia, where he will continue his research in the project “Fine structure of C*-algebras associated to topological dynamics”.

Kevin Aguyar Brix Kevin has both his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from this department, and he finished his PhD here in September 2019 with Professor Søren Eilers as his advisor.

- Continuing my PhD project, I am interested in describing and studying the properties of topological dynamical systems by using operator algebraic tools. Specifically, topological Markov chains are represented by oriented graphs, and C*-algebras associated to such graphs are already well-studied phenomena.

- I hope that this approach will give insight into problems of shift equivalence and conjugacy of such dynamical systems. These questions are central to the study of symbolic dynamics and some of them have been open since the 1970s, explains Kevin.

The project will be carried out at the University of Wollongong in Australia under the supervision of Professor Aidan Sims. It is made possible by a grant from the Carlsberg Foundation of DKK 350.000 for the first year of research with the possibility of extending the fellowship to a second year. Kevin was a visiting researcher at Wollongong from November 2017 to February 2018.

- The University of Wollongong has some of the world’s leading experts investigating the connections between topological dynamical systems and operator algebras. I intend to be in close and continuous discussion with the members of the research group and initiate collaborative projects in order to develop new techniques and stay updated on the latest progress, says Kevin.

Through its Internationalisation Fellowships, the Carlsberg Foundation wishes to promote the internationalisation of Danish talents. The fellowships are awarded to outstanding PhDs for a two-year research stay at a leading international research institution outside Denmark.