Schedule of the academic year 2015-16

The organizers of this year were Giacomo Cherubini, Niek de Kleijn, Maj-Britt Nordfang and Niels Olsen.

Date Speaker


4 Sept 2015 Dustin Clausen

What is the Hopf Map?

18 Sept 2015 Frederik Riis Mikkelsen

What are Generalized Degrees of Freedom?

2 Oct 2015 David Schrittesser What are Models of Set Theory?
16 Oct 2015 Tomasz Prytuła What is a Quasi-isometry?
6 Nov 2015 Annelies Jaspers

What is the Grothendieck Ring of Varieties?


13 Nov 2015 Roberto Ferrara What is Entanglement?
27 Nov 2015 Clarisson Canlubo  What is Descent Theory?
11 Dec 2015 Michal Jan Adamaszek What is an Expander?
15 Jan 2016 David Sprehn What is a Characteristic Class (good for?)
29 Jan 2016 Simon Rose What is Hurwitz Theory?
12 Feb 2016 Valerio Proietti What is a Smale space?
19 Feb 2016 Alexandra Muñoz What is a cancer cell?
4 Mar 2016 David Schrittesser What are large cardinals?
15 April 2016 Niels Olsen What is a Laplace approximation?
29 april 2016 Gijs Heuts What is Bott periodicity?
13 May 2016 Jed Kaniewski What is Bell non-locality?
03 June 2016 Cancelled Cancelled
10 June 2016 David Schrittesser  What is Homotopy Type Theory?
24 June 2016 Benjamin Böhme What is the Kervaire invariant?
 01 July 2016 Irakli Patchkoria What is Equivariant topology? (Cancelled)