Masterclass: Rigidity of C*-algebras associated to dynamics

University of Copenhagen

October 16-20, 2017

This masterclass will focus on operator algebras and dynamical systems and, more specifically, the interrelation between the two. One of the quintessential ingredients is the notion of continuous orbit equivalence introduced by Matsumoto in the context of Cuntz-Krieger algebras and shifts of finite type.

The masterclass will consist of two lecture series given by Toke Meier Carlsen and Xin Li as well as a general introductory lecture by Søren Eilers. Li has pioneered the study of continuous orbit equivalence of actions of general groups, finding surprising relations to geometric group theory that have been overlooked this far. Carlsen has been a leading force in the generalization of Matsumoto’s work in a multitude of directions, leading very recently to the almost shocking result that a Cuntz-Krieger algebra remembers the underlying dynamics exactly if considered as a C*-algebra with a fixed gauge action and a fixed abelian core.

Participants, October 2017

Participants, October 2017. Click for large photo.


The event will take place at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen and is hosted by the Centre for Symmetry and Deformation. You can find information for short term visitors including directions to the mathematics department here.


A series of lectures will be given by:

  • Toke Meier Carlsen (University of the Faroe Islands)
  • Xin Li (Queen Mary University of London)

All lectures are held in Auditorium 8.
Abstracts for the lectures can be found here.


The event starts Monday morning and ends Friday at lunch. Wednesday will have a schedule-free afternoon. 


The dinner will be at Bronx Burger Wednesday night at 18.00. The address is Godthåbsvej 30, 2000 Frederiksberg. If you wish to walk, we meet at the central entrance of HCØ building at 17.30.


(Registration is closed). Please register by filling out the registration form. Registration will close on September 17. If you encounter problems with the registration form, please contact Kevin Aguyar Brix (


Participants can apply for support to cover accommodation expenses - the deadline is August 27. If support is granted, the organizers of the Masterclass will book the accommodation (5-night single rooms at CabInn Scandinavia) and pay for it directly. Indicate on the registration form if you wish to be considered for support and if you will need accommodation Sunday-Friday or Monday-Saturday.  Please also send an email to Kevin Aguyar Brix (, with a brief motivation for why you wish to attend the Masterclass, and attaching a brief CV.

Organized by Sara E. Arklint, Kevin Aguyar Brix, and Søren Eilers.