Conference on Operator Algebras and Applications in celebration of Erik Christensen and his work

University of Copenhagen

May 4-8, 2015


Organized by Søren Eilers, Ryszard Nest and Stuart White.

On the occasion of Erik Christensen's retirement we celebrate his person and his work by a conference featuring, we hope, most of Erik's collaborators as speakers and emphasizing the many areas of operator algebras that Erik has influenced.


The event will take place at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen and is hosted by the Centre for Symmetry and Deformation

Confirmed speakers:

  • Jan Cameron
  • Tyrone Crisp
  • Joachim Cuntz
  • Siegfried Echterhoff
  • George Elliott
  • Dominic Enders
  • David Evans
  • Jens Kaad
  • Matthew Kennedy
  • Michel Lapidus
  • Nadia Larsen
  • Toshikazu Natsume
  • Vern Paulsen
  • Gilles Pisier
  • Jean Renault
  • Maria Ramirez-Solano
  • Mikael Rørdam
  • Roger Smith
  • Erling Størmer
  • Steen Thorbjørnsen
  • Wilhelm Winter

Conference package:

 Erik Fest, 5 May 2015