Workshop on Automorphisms of Free Groups

The University of Copenhagen

9-13 November 2015


The workshop will have as a theme the automorphisms of free groups and closely related groups, with a particular emphasis on the computation of their homology.

Speakers and invited participants:


The lectures will be held at the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen, and the event is hosted by the Centre for Symmetry and Deformation. You can find information for short term visitors including directions to the mathematics department HERE

Preliminary schedule:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 Registration
9:30 Vogtmann Sakasai Vogtmann Vespa Griffin
10:30 Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
11:00 Conant Suzuki Kassabov


+ notes

12:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
13:00 Putman
13:45 Berglund
14:30 Satoh Lahtinen Bartholdi Cake
14:45 Cake
15:15 Colloquium
15:30 Cake Cake Cake
17:30 Pizzas
18:00 Dinner

Registration on Monday morning happens in the common room 04.4.19.
All talks are in Auditorium 8 or Auditorium 10 (see the link under Abstracts below for more details). Coffee, cake and pizzas are served in the common room 04.4.19.


Abstracts and list of participants.


If you intend to participate in the workshop, please register by filling out the registration form. Registration will close on November 1.


We recommend Hotel de 9 Små Hjem, which is pleasant and inexpensive and offers room with a kitchen. Other inexpensive alternatives are CabInn that has several locations in Copenhagen: the Hotel City (close to Tivoli), Hotel Scandivania (Frederiksberg, close to the lakes), and Hotel Express (Frederiksberg) are the most convenient locations; the latter two are 2.5-3 km from the math department.

Somewhat more expensive - and still recommended - options are Hotel Nora and Ibsen's Hotel. Invited speakers need not reserve hotel rooms (this will be taken care of by the organizers). 

Organizers: Alexander Berglund and Nathalie Wahl