Young Topologists Meeting 2014 


The 2014 Young Topologists Meeting took place at the University of Copenhagen June 30 – July 4, 2014. The meeting was intended as an opportunity for graduate students, recent PhDs, and other junior researchers in topology to meet each other and share their work. In addition to short talks by the participants, the program for the meeting included lectures by Jacob Lurie (Harvard University) and Lars Hesselholt (University of Copenhagen/Nagoya University) on "Tamagawa Numbers via Nonabelian Poincare Duality" and "Topological Hochschild Homology" respectively.


Here are the schedule and abstracts. Plenary talks were in Auditorium 2, the parallel sessions in 2 and 3. Suggested reading for Lars Hesselholt's mini-course is the first few sections of his survey paper K-Theory of Truncated Polynomial Algebras.


Thanks to Christopher Davis, we have notes (15mb) from Lars Hesselholt's lectures. Lars Hesselholt also has additional notes on the algebraic K-theory and the p-adic L-function.


We provided free accommodation for a large number of participants. See below. In addition, there was funding from the NSF for compensation of travel expenses for a number of PhD students from US institutions. Women and underrepresented minorities are especially encouraged to apply for funding.

We gratefully acknowledge financial support from  the Centre for Symmetry and Deformation and NSF grant DMS-1430456. Special thanks go to Søren Galatius for his help.


For questions about the meeting, please write to the organizers at


  • Mauricio Gomez
  • Matthias Grey
  • Amalie Høgenhaven
  • Isabelle Laude
  • Kristian Moi
  • Irakli Patchkoria
  • Tomasz Prytula
  • Massimiliano Ungheretti