Masterclass on


The University of Copenhagen

August 27 - 31, 2012

This masterclass will introduce the participants to the topic of semiprojectivity of C*-algebras. It is primarily aimed at graduate students and postdocs.

On September 2-6 (directly after the masterclass) the department hosts a small workshop on semiprojectivity. People, for whom it is relevant, may participate in both events.

Venue and dates:

The lectures will be held at the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen, and the event is hosted by the Centre for Symmetry and Deformation . The masterclass is held from Monday, August 27 to Friday, August 31, 2012. 

All talks take place in Auditorium 10.


  • Jack Spielberg (Arizona State University)
  • Alex Chigogidze (College of Staten Island, CUNY, New York)
  • Marius Dadarlat (Purdue University)


  • Definition and basic results about projectivity and semiprojectivity of C*-algebras.
  • Shape theory of C*-algebras, and connection to shape theory of spaces and notions of absolute (neighborhood) retracts.
  • Connections between semiprojectivity and classification.

Material from the lectures will be made available here.


Organizers: Søren Eilers, Adam Sørensen, Hannes Thiel (Copenhagen).