Mike Boyle
University of Maryland

Toke Meier Carlsen
University of Southern Denmark

Christian Skau
Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Summer school in Symbolic dynamics
and homeomorphisms of the Cantor set 

University of Copenhagen, June 23-27, 2008 

Supported by :
the Danish Graduate School in Pure and Applied Mathematics

the excellence programme "Symmetry and Deformation"  

Organized by:
Søren Eilers, University of Copenhagen
Klaus Thomsen, Aarhus University



 List of participants. AU, ITU, KU, SDU are Danish universities situated at Århus, Copenhagen, Copenhagen and Odense, respectively. Numbers in parentheses indicate arrival and departure dates in June at hotel booked by the organizers.

  • Jan Agentoft, AU (23-26 CabInn Scandinavia)
  • Jonas Andersen Seebach, AU
  • Sara Arklint, KU
  • Tarje Bargheer, KU
  • Mike Boyle, Maryland (9-29 Hotel Kong Arthur)
  • Søren Bredlund Caspersen, KU
  • Toke M. Carlsen, SDU
  • Henrik Densing Petersen, KU
  • Søren Eilers, KU
  • Sarah B. Frick, Ohio State (22-28 CabInn Scandinavia )
  • Magnus Goffeng, Chalmers (22-27 CabInn Scandinavia)
  • Jakob Grue Simonsen, KU
  • Rune Johansen, KU/Tokyo (22-28 CabInn Scandinavia)
  • David Kyed, KU
  • Johan Öinert, Lund
  • Sune Precht Reeh, KU
  • Gunnar Restorff, KU
  • Michael Schraudner, CMM - Universidad de Chile (22-27 CabInn Scandinavia)
  • Aidan Sims, Wollongong
  • Christian Skau, Trondheim (22-27 CabInn Scandinavia)
  • Christian Svensson Leiden/Lund (22-26 CabInn Scandinavia)
  • Jacob Thamsborg, ITU
  • Klaus Thomsen, AU
  • Adam P. Wie Sørensen, KU
  • Marten Wortel, Leiden (22-27 CabInn Scandinavia)

Other activities:

Monday evening is Sankt Hans Evening where Danes celebrate midsummer with a bonfire and traditional songs. We will find a place to observe!

Wednesday a summer school dinner is planned. Please let us know if you are not participating.