Mapping Surgery to Analysis – University of Copenhagen

Workshop on Mapping Surgery to Analysis

The University of Copenhagen

February 22 - 27, 2010

Organizer: Otgonbayar Uuye, Centre for Symmetry and Deformation


Additional Participants:

  • David Kyed, Göttingen
  • Siegfried Echterhoff, Münster
  • Lin Shan, Münster
  • Fabian Lenhardt, Düsseldorf
  • Reagan Lohandjola L'okaso, Kinshasa
  • Paul Siegel, PSU
  • Eduard Ortega, Copenhagen
  • Chen Yang, Durham
  • Thomas Hjortgaard Danielsen, Copenhagen
  • Jenny Santoso, Stuttgart
  • Sara Azzali, Göttingen
  • Tibor Macko, Münster
  • Wolfgang Steimle, Münster
  • Jan Spakula, Münster
  • Pascal Fabig, Münster
  • Philipp Kühl, Münster
  • Alan Carey, ANU
  • Alexander Gorokhovsky, Colorado
  • Paul Bressler, MPIM-Bonn
  • Jens Kaad, ANU
  • Johannes Niediek, Bonn
  • Indrava Roy, Metz Paul-Verlaine
  • Hannes Thiel, Copenhagen
  • Heiko Gimperlein, Hannover
  • Takeshi Katsura, Keio
  • Alexander Kahle, Göttingen
  • Erik Christensen, Copenhagen
  • Stella Anevski, Copenhagen
  • Toshikazu Natsume, Nagoya
  • Sara Arklint, Copenhagen
  • Cyril Levi, Copenhagen
  • Tatiana Shulman, Copenhagen
  • Tarje Bargheer, Copenhagen
  • Antonio Diaz Ramos, Copenhagen
  • Emanuele Dotto, Copenhagen
  • Henrik Densing Petersen, Copenhagen
  • Alexander Berglund, Copenhagen
  • Mikael Rørdam, Copenhagen
  • Nathalie Wahl, Copenhagen
  • Samik Basu, Copenhagen
  • Ryszard Nest, Copenhagen
  • Daniel Pape, Göttingen
  • Maria Ramirez-Solano, Copenhagen
  • Adam Sørensen, Copenhagen


$K$-theory has been very successful in attacking surgery theoretic problems. Higson and Roe proposed, in a series of papers, a commutative diagram that summarized many of these developments. The goal of the mini-workshop is to understand these papers and related issues better.

There will be two expository lectures in the morning and one research talk in the afternoon. Here is a link to the PROGRAM and TITLE & ABSTRACT of the talks.


The lectures will be held at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Copenhagen. You can find information for short term visitors including directions to the mathematics department HERE


Partial support is available for a limited number of young researchers. If you wish to apply for support, please register no later than January 20.

Special funding is available for people from Scandinavian universities. Please see

Participants who are affiliated with any node associated with the EU-NCG network in noncommutative geometry should get support from their own node. Ask your node coordinater. You can see the list of associated nodes HERE. 


Registration is closed.


(copied shamelessly from

  • (HR1) Higson and Roe, Mapping surgery to analysis I
  • (HR2) Higson and Roe, Mapping surgery to analysis II
  • (HR3) Higson and Roe, Mapping surgery to analysis III
  • (HS) Hilsum and Skandalis, Invariance par homotopie de la signature a coefficients dans un fibre presque plat
  • (KL) Kreck and Lück, The Novikov conjecture: Geometry and Algebra, Birkhäuser
  • (L) Lück, A basic introduction to surgery theory
  • (La) Lance, Hilbert C*-modules, LMS
  • (PS) Piazza and Schick, Bordism, Rho-invariants and the Baum-Connes conjecture
  • (R) Ranicki, Algebraic and geometric surgery, Oxford University Press
  • (W) Wall, Surgery on compact manifolds

Practical Information:

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