Von Neumann algebras and group actions

The University of Copenhagen 

Master Class (January 25-29, 2010) and Workshop (February 1-5, 2010)


Topics and purpose:

The Master Class and the Workshop on von Neumann algebras and group actions are a part of the ongoing focused semester on operator algebras, organized under the support of the EU Marie Curie training program "EU-NCG - Network in Noncommutative Geometry" and of the "Centre for Symmetry and Deformation" at the University of Copenhagen.

The Master Class is directed at pre- and postdocs, and consists of two series of four lectures (each of 90 min), held daily during the week of January 25-29, 2010, delivered by Uffe Haagerup and Magdalena Musat. Haagerup's lectures will cover fundamental results on von Neumann algebras and groups, and  are meant to provide a solid introductory background to the upcoming workshop, while Musat's lectures will address a number of problems in operator agebras, motivated by topics of current research in operator spaces and noncommutative probability. In addition, Erik Christensen (University of Copenhagen) has agreed to deliver a 90 min lecture on "A fixed point theorem for von Neumann algebras and some applications".  David Kyed (Gottingen University) will also deliver a 90 min lecture on introduction to quantum groups. A more detailed description of the lectures is posted below.

We also plan on having a number of 25 min afternoon talks (the Junior seminar) given by participants. 

For the workshop on von Neumann algebras and group actions, that will take place during the week of February 1-5, 2010, we plan on having a number of lecture series, as well as individual 50 min talks delivered by leading experts. Stefaan Vaes (K. U. Leuven) has agreed to deliver a 4 hour lecture series. 

The following speakers are confirmed:

  • Goulnara Arzhantseva, Universite de Geneve
  • Nate Brown, Penn State
  • Yves de Cornulier, CNRS, Universite de Rennes 1
  • Gabor Elek, Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics
  • Cyril Houdayer, CNRS, ENS Lyon
  • Adrian Ioana, UCLA/Clay Institute
  • Paul Jolissaint, Universite de Neuchatel
  • David Kyed, Gottingen University
  • Sergey Neshveyev, University of Oslo
  • Jesse Peterson, Vanderbilt University
  • Mikael Pichot, Tokio University
  • Roman Sasyk, Instituto Argentino de Matematicas
  • Roman Sauer, Munster University
  • Yves Stalder, Universite Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand
  • Romain Tessera, CNRS, ENS Lyon
  • Andreas Thom, Leipzig University
  • Stefaan Vaes, KU Leuven
  • Alain Valette, Universite de Neuchatel
  • Andrzej Zuk, Universite Paris 7


Program and abstracts of lectures and talks:

For the schedule of the Master Class click HERE, and for the schedule of the Workshop click HERE.  A description of the Master Class lectures can be found HERE. For titles and abstracts of the Junior seminar during the Master Class click HERE, and for titles and abstracts for the Workshop talks click HERE.

Slides from the lectures - where available - can be reached HERE.


Click HERE for the list of registered participants.


The lectures will be held at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Copenhagen. You can find information for short term visitors including directions to the mathematics department HERE.


A block of rooms has been reserved at Hotel Cabinn City, a very centrally located hotel about 3 kilometers from the mathematics department, where the lectures are held. (One can walk, bicycle or take the bus between the hotel and the university.)

A standard single room is DKK 605, and a standard double room is DKK 795. Breakfast is included. Note that the size of a standard double room is the same as the size of a standard single room; the only difference is that it has double occupancy.

In order to make a reservation at this hotel you must fill the following FORM and fax or email it to the hotel. (Fax number and email address can be found on the form.) You have to enter your credit card number and CVC code on the form to guarantee payment for the first night accomodation.

Reservations must be made before January 4, 2010.


Participants who are affiliated with any node associated with the EU-NCG network in noncommutative geometry should get support from their own node. Ask your node coordinater. You can see the list of associated nodes HERE.

Participants not belonging to any of these nodes can apply for support from our local center "Symmetry and Deformation". You can do so by sending an email to Magdalena Musat at musat@math.ku.dk no later than Tuesday, December 15, 2009.


Registration for the Master Class and Workshop is now closed.