Master Class on the Classification of C*-algebras

The University of Copenhagen

November 16-27, 2009


Lecture Notes and Slides:

Click HERE to reach the site containing notes taken from the lecture series and slides from lecture series and from the junior seminar. To those of you who have not done so already, please send slides and lecture notes to Mikael Rørdam (email: 


Click below for the master class pictures taken by Tarje Bargheer:

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Here  is the family graph made by Siri-Malén Høynes and Søren Møller.

Topics and purpose:

This Master Class is a part of, and supported by, the EU Marie Curie training program "EU-NCG - Network in Noncommutative Geometry" and of the center "Symmetri and deformations" at the University of Copenhagen. This is the first activity in the focused semester at the University of Copenhagen on operator algebra under the EU-NCG network. Additional activities are scheduled in January and February 2010. 

The Master Class is directed at pre- and postdocs, and has the aim to bring the participants up to date on selected current trends in the classification program of Elliott. There will be a number of lecture series given by the speakers listed below. A preliminary (and not entirely complete) program is now available (see below). The following topics - among others - will be covered:

  • The Cuntz semigroup and its relation to classification and non-classification
  • The Jiang-Su algebra and C*-algebras that tensorially absorb these
  • Purely infinite C*-algebras
  • Classification and finite decomposition rank
  • Classification of crossed products of C(X) by the integers
  • The Corona Factorization Property

We shall have a fairly light program with one 90 minutes talk in the morning and another in the afternoon (each with a 15 minutes break in the middle). There are talks by the participants (the junior seminar) late afternoon each day. 


  • Marius Dadarlat, Purdue University
  • George Elliott, University of Toronto
  • Ilan Hirshberg , Ben Gurion University of the Negev
  • Eberhard Kirchberg, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • Francesc Perera, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
  • Mikael Rørdam , University of Copenhagen
  • Andrew Toms, York University
  • Wilhelm Winter, University of Nottingham 

Program and titles of lecture series:

Click HERE for the program of the Master Class; and click HERE for titles of the lecture series. 

Titles and abstracts of talks in the junior seminar:

Each afternoon from 5 to 6 pm there will be two 20 minutes talk mostly by PhD students and postdocs. Click HERE for titles and abstracts of these talks.


Click HERE for the list of participants