European Mathematical Society
Joint Mathematical Weekend

University of Copenhagen February 29-March 2nd 2008

Plenary Speakers:

Xavier Buff
Nigel Higson
(Pennsylvania State)
Frank Merle
Stefan Schwede


Algebraic topology
[Aud 5/10. Chairs: Jesper Grodal and Ib Madsen]
Coding theory
[Aud 8. Chairs: Olav Geil and Tom Høholdt]
Non-commutative geometry/operator algebra
[Aud 8. Chairs: Ryszard Nest and Mikael Rørdam]
Dynamical systems
[Aud 4. Chairs: Carsten Lunde Petersen and Jörg Schmeling]
Algebra and representation theory
[Aud 10. Chairs: Jørn Børling Olsson and Henning Haahr Andersen]
Partial differential equations
[Aud 4. Chairs: Gerd Grubb and Helge Holden]

Organized by :

The Danish Mathematical Society &
The University of Copenhagen

Executive organizing committee:
Søren Eilers
Jesper Grodal
Helge Holden
Carsten Lunde Petersen
Ryszard Nest


The conference begins with a luncheon at noon Friday 29 at the City Hall (first talk at approximately 2pm at the H.C. Orsted Institute) and concludes at 2pm Sunday afternoon