Operator Algebras

In Celebration of Uffe Haagerup's 60th Birthday


To be held at the Department of Mathematics, University of Copenhagen, April 9, 2010.

The 1-day seminar is an event under the Centre for Symmetry and Deformation .



Mikael Rørdam, Christian Skau, and Steen Thorbjørnsen.

Invited Speakers:

  • J. Cuntz
  • N. Ozawa
  • G. Pisier
  • S. Popa
  • D. Voiculescu


For more information, including schedule of talks, see HERE.


To participate in the one-day meeting, April 9, 2010, please register by
submitting this WEB FORM 


This conference will take place at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Copenhagen. You can find more information for short term visitors including directions to the department HERE.

More  Information:

The one-day meeting, April 9, 2010, is proceeded by the 2010 Danish-Norwegian Operator Algebra Seminar, April 10-11, at Schæffergården in Gentofte (close to Copenhagen). The Danish-Norwegian Operator Algebra Seminars are generously supported by the Danish-Norwegian Collaboration Foundation.

Speakers include:

  • Dietmar Bisch
  • Goran Bjorck
  • Claire Delaroche
  • Ken Dykema
  • Edward Effros
  • Richard Kadison
  • Nicolas Monod
  • Florin Radulescu
  • Roland Speicher
  • Masamichi Takesaki
  • Alain Valette
To participate in the Danish-Norwegian Operator Algebra Seminar, please
register by sending an e-mail to Steen Thorbjørnsen (steenth@imf.au.dk).
Participation is at a cost of DKK 735 pr. day, which includes lunch and
refreshments at Schæffergården. Accomodation is arranged on an individual
basis and at the participant's own cost.