Hesselholt & Klein

The Niels Bohr professorship

1 April 2013 - 31 March 2018

The Danish National Research Foundation awarded Professor Lars Hesselholt with a Niels Bohr professorship, which has opened a new research front in Danish mathematics in arithmetic geometry.

Read the Final Report from The Niels Bohr Professorship.

With the Niels Bohr professorships, the Danish National Research Foundation contributes to the internationalization of Danish research. The purpose of the Niels Bohr program is to enrich the Danish research environment with first-class researchers from abroad. Lars Hesselholt holds a professor position at Nagoya University in Japan. 

Arithmetic-geometric research front

Lars Hesselholt is originally trained in topology - the area of mathematics exploring symmetries and deformations - but is today an international top researcher in another area in mathematics, arithmetic geometry, which explores numbers with geometric methods.

Arithmetic geometry is an extremely important area of modern mathematical research. While this field internationally is very active and reputable, it is not represented at Danish universities. It is one of the main objectives of the Niels Bohr professorship to establish arithmetic geometry as a strong and active research area at the University of Copenhagen.

International research team

With the Niels Bohr professorship followed 30 million DKK. The grant ran from April 2013 to March 2018. The following researchers were among the affiliated:

Associate professor Lars Halvard Halle (Arithmetic Geometry)
Professor Lars Hesselholt (Arithmetic Geometry/Homotopy Theory)
Professor Ian Kiming (Number Theory)
Professor Ib Madsen (Homotopy Theory)
Associate professor Fabien Pazuki (Arithmetic Geometry/Number Theory)
Professor Erik Kjær Pedersen (Homotopy Theory)
Associate professor Asger Törnquist (Set Theory)

Postdoc Dustin Clausen (Homotopy Theory/Number Theory)
Postdoc David Schrittesser (Set Theory)
Postdoc Sho Tanimoto (Arithmetic Geometry)


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