Geometry and Topology sessions at NCM29

Special sessions in Geometry and Topology at the 29th Nordic Congress of Mathematicians, 3-7 July 2023, in Aalborg, Denmark

The congress starts with a reception Monday July 3 at 5pm. Talks will start Tuesday July 4 at 9am and end Friday July 7 at 16:35.

Topology session

Wednesday July 5th, 13:30-17:20 and Friday July 7th, 13:30-16:35


  • Greg Arone (Stockholm University)
  • Fernando Abellan Garcia (NTNU Tronheim)
  • Alice Hedenlund (Uppsala University)
  • Richard Hepworth (University of Aberdeen)
  • Dani Kaufman (University of Copenhagen)
  • Clover May (NTNU Tronheim) 
  • Damian Osajda (University of Copenhagen)
  • Daria Poliakova (University of Southern Danmark)
  • Markus Szymik (Sheffield University)

Alexander Berglund (Stockholm University)
Rune Hauseng (NTNU Tronheim)
Nathalie Wahl (University of Copenhagen)

Geometry session

Tuesday July 4th, 13:30-17:20 and Thursday July 6th, 9:00-12:00


  • Karsten Grove (Notre Dame)
  • Jason Lotay (Oxford University)
  • Anna Siffert (University of Münster)
  • Klaus Kröncke (KTH Stockholm)
  • David Brander (Danish Technical University)
  • Alex Mramor (University of Copenhagen)
  • Eric Ling (University of Copenhagen)
  • Ali Muhammad (University of Copenhagen)
  • John Ma (University of Copenhagen) [TBC]

Steen Markvorsen (Danish Technical University)
Francisco Martín (University of Granada)
Niels Martin Møller (University of Copenhagen)


Both the Topology and Geometry special sessions will take place in the quite new university building at Rendsburggade 14, , very close to the House of Music that hosts the plenary talks.

Link to the congress page where you can register for the congress.