25 May 2016

Albert H. Werner, postdoc at GAMP

Newly employed

Albert is joining the department as a postdoc – with a Feodor Lynen Fellowship (a Humboldt Foundation sponsorship) - from May 2016. He is associated with the section for Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics.

Albert H. WernerAlbert obtained his PhD under the supervision of Reinhard F. Werner at the Leibniz University of Hannover in 2013 on propagation properties of quantum walks. He then joined Jens Eisert's group at the FU Berlin for a postdoc working on disordered quantum many-body systems.

Here in Copenhagen, Albert will be joining Matthias Christandl's Quantum Information Theory group and also work with Michael J. Kastoryano at the Niels Bohr Institute.

Albert's research areas include quantum many-body systems, open quantum systems, quantum information and random operators.

You can find Albert in office 04.2.22