23 January 2020

Upcoming MATH researcher receives VILLUM grant


VILLUM FONDEN announced today, that the Villum Young Investigator grant is awarded to mathematician Torben Krüger. He will from 1 July 2020 be an Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Torben Krüger The Villum Young Investigator Programme funds particularly talented young researchers in the technical and natural sciences. For Danish universities and research institutions, this is a recruitment tool to attract talented researchers outside Denmark. This year’s 15 Villum Young Investigators include individuals from around the world.

Torben Krüger’s research project is called “Random Matrix Approach to Universality Phenomena in Disordered Quantum Systems”.

The 9.3 million DKK will fund the establishment of a research team for the next five years. Torben describes his project as follows:

“Theoretically analysing first principle models of disordered quantum systems, such as quantum dots or quantum wires, is extremely challenging and often impossible. However, most macroscopically observable emergent phenomena, e.g. electric conductivity, are universal. They do not depend on microscopic details. Together with two PhD students and three postdocs, we will make use of this fact by investigating and classifying such phenomena within more accessible coarse-grained random matrix models”.

Torben Krüger was born in 1985 in South Schleswig, Germany. He is educated in Munich at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University where he took a diploma in mathematics in 2012, and in physics in 2013, and his PhD in 2015. His thesis was called “Local spectral universality for random matrices with independent entries”.

Torben then worked as a Research Assistant and later a postdoctoral researcher at Institute of Science and Technology Austria, and from 2017 as a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Applied Mathematics at the University of Bonn.

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