21 November 2023

The Boeing Quantum Creators Prize awarded to Freek Witteveen


At the newly held Chicago Quantum Summit, postdoc Freek Witteveen from the department’s QMATH Centre won the 2023 Boeing Quantum Creators Prize.

Freek Witteveen

The Boeing Quantum Creators Prize recognises early-career researchers for work that moves the field of quantum information science and engineering in new directions. Prize awardees participate in the annual Quantum Creators Prize Symposium and receive a monetary honorarium and an invitation to the annual Chicago Quantum Summit.

This year, the Quantum Creators Prize Symposium was held as part of the 2023 Chicago Quantum Summit on 3-14 November 2023.

The second day was filled with talks by the 14 winners of the Quantum Creators prize. Freek Witteveen gave a talk on 'Mathematical methods for tensor networks', on connections between mathematics, complexity theory and tensor networks (a way to represent quantum states).

Freek is from the Netherlands. He obtained a master’s in mathematical physics and later his PhD at the University of Amsterdam and QuSoft, the Research Centre for Quantum software & technology, supervised by Michael Walter.

In Copenhagen, he is working with Matthias Christandl and the Centre for the Mathematics of Quantum Theory on the interface between quantum information theory and many-body physics.