7 March 2014

Centre for Symmetry and Deformation renewed until 2019


With a DKK 40 million grant, the Danish National Research Foundation has renewed the Centre for Symmetry and Deformation at the Department of Mathematical Sciences for a second 5 year period 2015-2019.

The SYM centreThe SYM centre


Poster session at the site visit. Members of the scientific evaluation committee, Professors Paul Goerss (Northwestern), John Greenlees (Sheffield), Stefan Schwede (Bonn), discuss research with the PhD students of the Centre.

The peer review report in connection with the renewal application stated:

"The progress of the Centre since its inception [in 2010] has been remarkable. Many of the aims of the original proposal have been achieved and Centre members have proved a number of excellent results which were not anticipated at the outset. From the point of view of the Panel, the most striking thing was the vigor of the activity, the energy of the members and the real and productive cross-fertilization of the themes. Behind this is a very strong sense of identity of the Centre, and a real sense of pride from all the members."

During the second period the center scientifically seeks to expand this leadership position, with ambitious new research goals, exploring a host of novel techniques, spanning from geometric and analytic group theory to techniques rooted in derived algebraic geometry.

An international focal point

The Centre for Symmetry and Deformation has the overall theme of understanding the mathematics behind symmetry and deformation, through a wide range of methods ranging from algebra and topology to non-commutative geometry.

Through the scientific strength of its core faculty, the center has developed into an international focal point within its area, with approximately 150 individual visitors each year, plus many more participating in one of the around 10 annual workshops, master classes or conferences.

Postdocs and PhD students of the Centre.

Postdocs and PhD students of the Centre.

The center receives its largest individual source of funding from the Danish National Research Foundation, with DKK 90 million in support 2010-2019. Other large donors include the European Research Council and the Danish Council for Independent Research.With 27 postdocs hired, and 26 PhD students and 15 visiting PhD students enrolled since the center's inception in 2010, many young scientists have already found the center a launchpad for promising international research careers.

Read more about the goals, activities and results of the Centre for Symmetry and Deformation, and how to support it, on its webpage.