24 March 2014

David Schrittesser, postdoc


David Schrittesser started as a postdoc at Department of Mathematical Sciences, UCPH, on 15 March 2014. He works in the non-commutative geometry group.

David SchrittesserDavid's research is in set theory, where he has worked on forcing axioms, large cardinals, and descriptive set theory.

At MATH he collaborates with Asger Törnquist and Hiroshi Ando on problems in descriptive set theory, but also, for example, on forcing and some questions connected to the automorphism group of the measure algebra. He also hopes to be able to apply descriptive set theoretic methods in other fields, especially operator algebra.

In his PhD-thesis, written at the Kurt Gödel research Center, University of Vienna, under the direction of Sy David Friedman, David found a model where all projective sets are Lebesgue-measurable but there is a projective set without the property of Baire. 

He has previously worked as a postdoc at the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics in Bonn and at the University of Münster.

David is seated in office 04.1.17.