7 January 2015

Mareile Große Ruse, PhD student

Mareile Große RuseMareile Große Ruse was hired as a PhD student from 1 January 2015 at the Department of Mathematical Sciences. She is affiliated with the research group Statistics and Probability Theory. Her supervisor is Susanne Ditlevsen.

Mareile’s research is on parameter estimation for stochastic differential equations with emphasis on applications in neuroscience and medicine. A first research project is about mixed-effects stochastic differential equations which account for the randomness within the time-dependent dynamics of an individual as well as for variability between different subjects.

Mareile took a master's degree in Mathematics at Humboldt University of Berlin. The thesis title was "Convergence of discrete-time BSDEs with applications to game theory" and was supervised by Ulrich Horst.

During a two-years employment at Lund University Mareile worked within Signal Processing with emphasis on heart rate variability data and bird song analysis.

Mareile can be found in office 04.3.21