8 November 2022

RECRUIT grant of 11.8 mio. DKK allows the Quantum for Life Centre to expand

Quantum grant

Theoretical physicist Daniel Malz joins the University of Copenhagen in April 2023 with a RECRUIT grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation. The grant is given to the most talented or leading researchers to strengthen Danish universities in international competition.

Daniel Malz

The Quantum for Life Centre is an interdisciplinary research centre combining quantum physic, mathematics, chemistry and data science research. Centre leader Matthias Christandl is excited to welcome Daniel Malz to the team:

“Daniel is a rising star who will strengthen the connection between quantum software and quantum hardware research at the university and thereby help to break down departmental boundaries in our interdisciplinary research field.”
Daniel Malz holds a PhD in physics from the University of Cambridge and has previously worked at the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics, with quantum information pioneer Ignacio Cirac.

Daniel will join the Department of Mathematical Sciences as an assistant professor and be affiliated with the Quantum for Life Centre. The RECRUIT grant is awarded over a seven-year period and focuses specifically on analogue devices used to simulate many-body physics.

Daniel Malz explains:

“Due to rapid recent experimental advances, scientists can now build well-controlled quantum devices comprising many constituents (qubits, spins, atoms, ions, ...) whose dynamics are too complex to be modelled straightforwardly using classical computers. Our central goal is to understand and propose ways to harness the power of these devices. To answer these questions, we use concepts from AMO (atomic, mesoscopic, and optical) physics, condensed matter theory, and quantum information theory.”

Daniel will form his own research group and has started recruiting. The deadline for postdocs is 15 November. The deadline for PhD students is 15 November and again in April 2023.

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