22 July 2014

The future's quantum internet to be designed


Under this heading brings "Videnskab.dk" an article about Professor Matthias Christandls research project to find out how to communicate effectively in a network based on the laws of quantum mechanics.

Professor Matthias Christandl"With quantum information theory, we try to find out how we can communicate more effectively with the help of quantum physics," says Professor Matthias Christandl, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, to Videnskab.dk

"When we communicate normally - for example, through a telephone connection - the transfer of information is based on classical physics. Each unit of information - every bit - is transferred with a whole bunch of particles that go from me to you and vice versa. But that's not the only way to communicate.

"If you, instead, uses quantum particles the information can transfer more efficiently and for that matter also safer. The quantum particles may be for example be single photons - light particles - in which the information is stored in the state of the photons."

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