14 March 2018

QMATH in Science


Associate Professor Laura Mančinska from the QMATH Centre is part of an international team of researchers behind an article in Science.

Laura Mančinska

Laura Mančinska

An international team of quantum scientists and engineers involving groups from China, Denmark, Spain, Germany and Poland, have reported a programmable silicon-photonics chip capable of highly precise manipulation of high-dimensional entangled states.

They have used the chip to demonstrate key quantum applications such as quantum randomness expansion and self-testing of high-dimensional states using various approaches.

The team includes Danish researchers Laura Mančinska (Centre for the Mathematics of Quantum Theory, QMATH) and Yunhong Ding, Davide Bacco, Karsten Rottwitt, Leif K. Oxenløwe (DTU Fotonik).

While DTU Fotonik provided experimental support, the theory expertise of QMATH was instrumental in applying self-testing methods to analyse the experimental data.

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