3 September 2015

Valerio Proietti, new PhD student


[Feb. 2020: Valerio's new workplace and website is https://vproietti.gitlab.io/]

Valerio ProiettiValerio Proietti is employed as PhD student at Center for Symmetry and Deformation from 1 September 2015. He will be working in the field of noncommutative geometry with Ryszard Nest as supervisor.

Valerio got his Bachelor's degree from Sapienza - Università di Roma in Italy. Claudia Pinzari was his advisor on a thesis on the invariant subspace problem. He also completed his first year of Master in Rome. Afterwards he won an Erasmus+ scholarship and I moved to Paris. He spent last year at Université Paris-Sud (Paris XI).

“In Paris I started working on my Master's thesis on the gap labeling conjecture. This is a problem which originates in solid-state physics and is expressed in the language of noncommutative geometry”, says Valerio. His official advisor was Paolo Piazza from Sapienza/Rome, and during his stay in Paris he was helped by Eric Leichtnam and Georges Skandalis from Université Paris-Diderot (Paris VII).

Valerio do not have a definitive PhD project yet. “The temporary sketch is based on the study of K-theoretic and cohomological invariants for C*-algebras arising from dynamical systems associated to actions of finite-rank abelian groups. These dynamical systems might emerge from physical contexts, therefore the interplay between modern physics and noncommutative geometry will play a role”, Valerio explains.

[Feb. 2020: Valerio's new workplace and website is https://vproietti.gitlab.io/]