12 September 2017

Zhipeng Duan, PhD student at TOP

Newly employed

Zhipeng Duan is employed as a PhD student from 1 September 2017. He will join the topology group with Professor Jesper Michael Møller as supervisor.

Zhipeng DuanZhipeng’s research interests are group cohomology and representation theory. 

Zhipeng’s PhD project is concerned about the K-theory of p-posets: “More concretely, I will compute the homology groups and K-theory of the p-posets of some specific finite groups G and verify the Knörr-Robinson's conjecture in these cases”.

He received his bachelor degree at the Jilin University in China. He then spent two years here at the department for the Master program. He got his master degree in august 2017. His thesis is about group actions on a product of spheres, under the supervision of Professor Jesper Grodal.

Zhipeng works in office 04.4.05