4 November 2020

Vignesh Subramanian, PhD student

Newly employed

Vignesh Subramanian started at the department 1 September 2020 as a PhD student at the section for Algebra and Geometry.

Vignesh Subramanian

Vignesh is interested in topology and representation theory. The research for his PhD will concern computing Picard groups of suitable G-equivariant categories using methods from homotopy theory.

He will be working with the Copenhagen Centre for Geometry and Topology with Jesper Grodal as his PhD supervisor.

Vignesh got his bachelor’s and master’s degree from the Indian Statistical Institute. His master’s thesis is titled “Homology of Infinite Symmetric Group, The Group Completion Theorem and its application to Algebraic K-Theory”.

You can meet Vignesh in office 04.4.02