20 September 2022

Tim With Berland, PhD student

Newly employed

Tim is employed as a PhD fellow from 1 September 2022 in the Algebra and Geometry section, and his PhD supervisor is Jasmin Matz.

Tim With Berland

Tim is from Denmark, and he got his Bachelor's degree and Master's degree in Mathematics from the University of Copenhagen. During his studies, he maintained a focus on number theory in several variations. He wrote his Master's thesis on the local Langlands correspondence for GL(n) over p-adic fields, supervised by Fabien Pazuki.

The topic of Tim's PhD thesis is families of automorphic forms. As a preliminary project, he will be looking to expand results on automorphic forms related to the torsion homology of arithmetic lattices.

Tim remains interested in many branches of number theory and is looking forward to further investigating the applications of automorphic forms in all areas of Mathematics.

You can discuss number theory with Tim in office 04.0.07