20 November 2023

Taro Spirig, PhD student

Newly employed

Taro Spirig was employed on 2 October 2023 as a PhD student at the Centre for the Mathematics of Quantum Theory under the supervision of Prof. Laura Mancinska.

Taro Spirig

Taro’s main research interest is in nonlocal games. In particular, he has been working on approximation algorithms for the non-commutative variants of constraint satisfaction problems (CSP) which can be seen as nonlocal games and whose classical variants have been widely studied in relation to NP-hardness in theoretical computer science. He is also interested in polynomial-time reductions between certain classes of nonlocal games.

Taro completed his bachelor’s in physics at ETH Zürich. He continued his studies at the University of Oxford in mathematical and theoretical physics where he focused on the field of theoretical high-energy physics.

During the pandemic, he did research about quantum field theories in Anti-de-Sitter space at EPFL, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne.

He then focused his interest towards quantum information theory during a master’s in computational science at Harvard University.

Recently, he has been supported by a scholarship from the Hasler Foundation and conducted some research at MIT in quantum information and quantum complexity theory under the supervision of Prof. Anand Natarajan.

You can meet Taro at Vibenshuset.