1 December 2020

Sangmin Lee, research assistant

Newly employed

Sangmin is employed as a research assistant from 1 December 2020, working with the Insurance and Economics section under the supervision of Trine Krogh Boomsma.

Sangmin Lee

Sangmin has a bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Sungkyunkwan University (South Korea). He finished his master's degree in Statistics at the University of Copenhagen in October 2020.

His thesis "Learning network design solution strategies using reinforcement learning" was written in an industrial collaboration with Mærsk and supervised jointly by prof. Trine Boomsma and PhD Klaus Holst (Mærsk). The thesis proposes a reinforcement learning approach to the network design problem, unsplittable multicommodity capacitated fixed-charge network design in particular.

Sangmin is interested in approximate dynamic programming (ADP) approaches to combinatorial optimization problems. As a research assistant, he will do research on the application of ADP to power system optimization, and his future PhD project (hopefully at this department) will be directed at investigating the ADP approach to liner shipping network design problems.

You can find Sangmin in office 04.3.28 until mid-January when he moves to 04.3.20.