16 November 2023

Rune Thinggaard Hansen, PhD student

Newly employed

Rune Thinggaard Hansen was employed on 1 October 2023 as a PhD student at the QMATH Centre and the department’s Analysis and Quantum Section.

Rune Thinggaard Hansen

Rune earned his Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Master's degree in Physics locally at the University of Copenhagen. His Master's Thesis, titled "Analogue Hamiltonian Simulation," explored the application of Hamiltonian Gadgets to construct simplified Hamiltonians, enabling the approximation of key properties in challenging implementations.

Currently, Rune is pursuing a PhD through a collaborative project divided between the MATH department and the Niels Bohr Institute. His research focuses on Hamiltonian Learning and calibration protocols, which involve understanding undesirable dynamics in a quantum system and recalibrating hardware to mitigate them. The core objective of his work is to identify theoretically viable protocols for calibration and Hamiltonian learning and implement them using real-world hardware.

In this endeavour, Rune is affiliated with both QMath under the guidance of supervisor Albert Werner and QDev (Center for Quantum Devices) under the supervision of Morten Kjaergaard. This dual association enables him to leverage the mathematical expertise of QMath and the practical insights of QDev to address challenges in the calibration and learning processes within quantum systems.

Rune works in the quantum office at Vibenshuset.