31 August 2021

Ronno Das, postdoc

Newly employed

Ronno Das is employed from 1 September 2021 as a postdoc, working with the Algebra and Geometry section, specifically in the Copenhagen Centre for Geometry and Topology.

Ronno Das

Søren Galatius will be Ronno’s mentor. Ronno is working on the topology of moduli spaces, especially in contexts where he can exploit the connections between topology and arithmetic. Of particular interest to him is stability type results.

Ronno has a Master from Chennai Mathematical Institute, India, and did his PhD at the University of Chicago, USA, under Benson Farb. His thesis was titled "Points and lines on cubic surfaces" and in it he describe the cohomology and arithmetic statistics of the moduli spaces of smooth cubic surfaces with various geometric markings.

Ronno can be found in office 04.4.08