2 August 2022

Robert Burklund, postdoc

Newly employed

Robert Burklund started on 18 July 2022 as a postdoc at the Algebra and Geometry section, associated with the Copenhagen Centre for Geometry and Topology.

Robert Burklund

Robert got his PhD at MIT (USA) supervised by Mike Hopkins. His research is supported by a postdoctoral research fellowship from the National Science Foundation (USA).

His research interests lie in homotopy theory, broadly construed. Recently he has been working on understanding geometry in the setting of higher algebra. His postdoctoral mentor is Dustin Clausen.

Robert is writing a book on synthetic spectra and their applications. “The intention is that this should eventually become a self-contained introductory account of the synthetic viewpoint on the Adams spectral sequence. An emphasis is placed on tools, techniques and examples demonstrating their use”.

You can find Robert in office 04.0.12

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