25 August 2017

Riccardo Pengo, PhD student

Newly employed

Riccardo Pengo is employed as a PhD student in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. He arrived on 1 September 2017 to work in the Algebra and Number Theory group under the joint supervision of Ian Kiming and Fabien Pazuki.

Riccardo PengoRiccardo obtained a Bachelor's degree from the University of Milan in July 2012. He also got an ALGANT Master degree jointly from the University of Milan and Leiden University in July 2017. His master thesis' title was "An adelic description of modular curves" and it was written in Leiden under the supervision of Peter Bruin.

Riccardo is currently working in number theory, and his PhD project will explore the connections between heights and special values of L-functions. He will try in particular to find explicit relationships between the Mahler measure of a polynomial, which is a measure of how "big" the polynomial is, and special values of L-functions which are very interesting complex analytic objects that can be associated for instance to Dirichlet characters, elliptic curves, modular forms, and studying conjectures of David W. Boyd.

If you are looking for Riccardo you can find him in office 04.0.04.