22 November 2021

Ranyiliu Chen, PhD student

Newly employed

Ranyiliu Chen is employed as a PhD student from 1st November 2021 at the QMATH Centre under the Analysis and Quantum Section.

Ranyiliu Chen

Ranyiliu’s research interest falls in the scope of entanglement and quantum correlations. His PhD project will be related to self-testing, a technique enabling classical users to infer the description of untrusted quantum devices merely from classical observation of quantum correlations.

The goal of this project is to explore certification of quantum measurements, where much less is understood in high dimensional systems and protocols are only known for some special cases.

Ranyiliu’s PhD project is supervised by Laura Mančinska.

Ranyiliu received his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Engineering at Beihang University, China. In his master thesis, he worked on analytic techniques of quantum cryptography.

Before coming to Copenhagen, Ranyiliu Chen was a research intern at Institute of Quantum Computing, Baidu Research. During his internship, he participated in research on near-term quantum algorithms, as well as the development of quantum machine learning platforms.

You can find Ranyiliu in QMATH’s office in Vibenshuset.