5 September 2022

Qingchuan Sun, PhD student

Newly employed

Qingchuan Sun will be working as a PhD student from 1 September 2022 to 31 August 2023, affiliated with the Statistics and Probability Theory section.

Qingchuan Sun

Qingchuan is from China. She obtained her Bachelor's degree in Statistics from the Southern University of Science and Technology (China) and her Master's degree in Statistics from the University of Copenhagen. Her Master's thesis was about analyzing the pandemic of COVID-19 in Denmark with agent-based models.

Qingchuan is working on statistical inference for state-space diffusion processes. She is interested in stochastic differential equations and their application in epidemiology and ecology. As a part of EPOC programme, she worked at Bielefeld University (Germany) in the last year and was supervised by Prof. Dr Christiane Fuchs and co-supervised by Prof. Dr Roland Langrock.

After her stay in Copenhagen, she will continue her work at the University of Bielefeld. In Copenhagen, Qingchuan will be supervised by Prof. Dr Susanne Ditlevsen.

You could find Qingchuan in office 04.0.05.