17 November 2023

Priya Kaveri, PhD student

Newly employed

Priya Kaveri Vydhyanathapuram Venkitadri started on 1 November 2023 as a PhD student in the department’s section for algebra and geometry.

Priya Kaveri

Priya is affiliated with the Copenhagen Centre for Geometry and Topology. Her PhD advisor is Niels Martin Møller.

Her broad interest lies in the intersection of Analysis and Geometry. She will mostly work on various aspects of Minimal surface and Spectral theory.

Priya is from India and did her master's at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. Her master's thesis was on "Spectrum of Laplacian on Hyperbolic Surface" and was supervised by Aprameyan Parthasarathy.

You can meet Priya in office 04.4.03