16 November 2023

Peter Hearnshaw, postdoc

Newly employed

Peter Hearnshaw was employed as a postdoc on 1 Ocober 2023 in the department’s Analysis and Quantum Section.

Peter Hearnshaw

Peter works in the field of mathematical physics and in particular, is interested in quantum many-body problems. He is currently working with Søren Fournais and Jan Philip Solovej studying the structure of atoms in the limit of infinite nuclear charge.

He initially studied for a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of York (UK). During this time he developed an interest in how quantum theory can be used to describe the structure of atoms and molecules. He then studied for a master’s degree in the field of quantum chemistry before deciding to obtain more formal training in mathematics with a degree in the subject at Warwick University (UK).

He then did a PhD in Mathematics at University College London under the supervision of Alexander Sobolev, which he completed in September 2022. His thesis was on the regularity properties of the one-particle reduced density matrix for electronic wavefunctions.

You can find Peter with the Quantum people at Vibenshuset.