21 October 2020

Patrick Schnider, postdoc

Newly employed

Patrick Schnider is employed as postdoc from 1 October 2020 in the section for Algebra & Geometry and the GeoTop Centre.

Patrick SchniderPatrick’s research lies at the intersection of Mathematics and Computer Science. He obtained his Master’s degree in Mathematics at ETH Zürich and then went on for a PhD in the Department of Computer Science at ETH under the supervision of Emo Welzl. He finished his PhD in June 2020 with his dissertation titled "Variations on the Center Transversal Theorem".

The main focus of Patrick’s research lies in discrete and computational geometry, in particular combinatorics of point sets, mass partitions and geometric transversals. He is particularly interested in applications of other areas of mathematics to these type of questions.

In Copenhagen, he will work on his research with Karim Adiprasito and the Centre for Geometry and Topology.

Patrick is sitting in office 04.2.07, and he is always happy to receive visitors.