3 January 2022

Oskar Henriksson, PhD student

Newly employed

Oskar Henriksson is employed as a PhD student at the department from 1 January 2022. He will be working with two of the department’s sections, both Algebra & Geometry and the section for Statistics and Probability Theory.

Oskar Henriksson

Oskar has been working at the department since 1 March as a research assistant. He is affiliated with the research group Mathematics of Reaction Networks (MBIO), working on algebraic aspects of chemical reaction network theory, under the supervision of Elisenda Feliu.

Oskar is broadly interested in algebraically flavoured mathematics, both pure and applied. In particular, he is interested in combinatorial and computational aspects of algebraic geometry (e.g. Gröbner bases, toric varieties, homotopy continuation, and tropical geometry), as well as various applications within the natural sciences.

Oskar graduated from the Master's program in mathematics at the University of Copenhagen in January 2021, with a thesis about Khovanov homology supervised by Nathalie Wahl and Andrea Bianchi. Before coming to Copenhagen, he did his Bachelor's studies at Lund University, with Arne Meurman as his supervisor.

When the Corona restrictions are lifted, you can find Oskar in office 04.0.10