12. september 2018

Meltem Ünel, PhD student at QMATH

Newly employed

Meltem Ünel is employed as a PhD student since 1 September 2018, working with QMATH (Centre for the Mathematics of Quantum Theory).

Meltem ÜnelMeltem is studying under the supervision of Bergfinnur Durhuus. The aim of the PhD project is mainly to develop new techniques in random geometry for the purpose of understanding better some nonperturbative aspects of quantum gravity in two and higher dimensions.

Meltem earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Bogazici University, Istanbul, where she was also employed as a teaching assistant during her master’s studies. She defended her master’s thesis in July 2018, called “Relativistic Lee Model on 2+1 Dimensional Riemannian Manifolds”.

Meltem works in office 04.0.14