5 October 2020

Máté Telek, research assistant

Newly employed

Máté Telek is employed at the department from 1 October 2020, working as a research assistant with the Algebra & Geometry Section and the Section for Statistics and Probability Theory.

Máté TelekMáté has recently got his master’s degree from the Heidelberg University in Germany, where he also completed his bachelor studies. During this time, he enjoyed taking algebra, algebraic number theory, and algebraic geometry classes. He was also interested in the applications of algebra and liked to use different computer algebra systems.

Last year, Máté visited the University of Copenhagen as an exchange student, where he met the research group of Mathematical Biology and Professor Elisenda Feliu. He will now join her group as a research assistant, working with models of reaction networks using algebraic techniques.

Máté will work from a desk in the Mathematical Library.