27 September 2023

Martín Blufstein, postdoc

Newly employed

Martín Blufstein is hired from October 1st 2023 as a postdoc for two years under the supervision of Damian Osajda.

Martin Blufstein

Previously, Martín completed his PhD at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, with the thesis “Non-positive curvature and Artin groups“ under the supervision of Gabriel Minian. He was part of the Algebraic Topology group and his work was centred on geometric group theory.

Here in Copenhagen, Martín will be working with the Algebra & Geometry Section.

- I’m interested in geometric spaces of non-positive curvature and groups admitting actions on them. My main results concern Artin groups and their parabolic subgroups. To do so, I have introduced generalized notions of systolicity and small cancellation. My research interests also include low-dimensional topology and combinatorics, says Martín.

You can find Martin in office 04-2-01.