30 August 2019

Mads Friis Frand-Madsen, PhD student

Newly employed

Mads Friis Frand-Madsen has been employed as a PhD student at the Department of Mathematical Sciences since 1 September 2019. He is part of the Centre for the Mathematics of Quantum Theory and is working under the supervision of Matthias Christandl.

Mads Friis Frand-MadsenMads has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mathematics from this department. He graduated in August 2018 with his thesis titled “Zeros of Modular Forms” and was supervised by Morten Risager.

Throughout the course of his studies, Mads has been primarily focused on theoretical Mathematics with connections to computer science and in particular cryptography.

Alongside his studies, Mads has been a teaching assistant in several courses at University of Copenhagen and ITU, and after his graduation Mads has managed a teaching project in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and functioned as external lecturer at University of Copenhagen.

The intent of Mads’s PhD project is to explore the notion of a quantum key repeater; that is to develop a protocol which enables quantum key distribution over large distances without the deficiencies of current approaches to long-distance communication.

You can find Mads in office 04.0.07