5 October 2020

Lukas Jannik Woike, postdoc

Newly employed

Lukas Jannik Woike is employed as a postdoc from 1 October 2020. He will join the Algebra & Geometry Section where his mentor will be Nathalie Wahl.

Lukas Jannik WoikeLukas works at the interface of topology, algebra and mathematical physics.

He completed his PhD in June 2020 at the University of Hamburg, Germany, under the supervision of Christoph Schweigert. During his PhD, he worked on an orbifoldization procedure for topological field theories.

In Copenhagen, Lukas will use techniques from homotopy theory to investigate non-semisimple representation categories, more specifically non-semisimple modular categories, and the differential graded modular functors constructed from them (roughly, consistent homotopy coherent mapping class group actions on certain Hochschild complexes).

Lukas’ research interests include low-dimensional topology, representation theory, higher categories and operads.

You can find Lukas in office 04.2.01