4 December 2018

Linda Frey, postdoc

Newly employed

Linda Frey started October 1st 2018 as a postdoc at the University of Copenhagen. She will be working with the research group Algebra and Number Theory.

Linda FreyLinda is interested in heights, elliptic curves, CM Jacobians of genus 2 curves and algebraic number theory generally. Her postdoc mentor is Fabien Pazuki.

Linda did her Bachelor‘s degree in Mainz and her Master‘s degree at ETH in Zurich. With her PhD advisor, she moved from the University of Frankfurt to the Technical University of Darmstadt to the University of Basel where she finished her PhD in June 2018. Her advisor was Prof. Dr. Philipp Habegger, the thesis title was ”Height Lower Bounds in some non-Abelian Extensions”, defended with ”magnac um laude”.

See Linda's homepage.

You can find Linda in office 04.0.05