6 January 2023

Lasse Harboe Wolff, PhD student


First of January 2023 started Lasse Harboe Wolff as an PhD student at the Centre for the Mathematics of Quantum Theory within the Analysis & Quantum section.

Lasse Wolff

Lasse will investigate the open problem of finding Von Neumann entropy inequalities beyond strong sub-additivity and topics related to the Black Hole Information Paradox. His principal supervisor is Matthias Christandl and Bergfinnur Durhuus is his co-supervisor.

- Though I am from Denmark, this will be my first affiliation with a Danish university, says Lasse.

- I hold a Master of Mathematical & Theoretical Physics (MMathPhys) degree from the University of Oxford, where I did a 4-year integrated master’s degree. Initially studying for the degree Master of Physics and Philosophy, I changed studies before my fourth year to finish with the MMathPhys degree.

- I am still very interested in many varied areas within mathematics, physics and philosophy.

You can find Lasse at the QMATH office in Vibenshuset.